Technical Watch

Monitoring of scientific and technical documents such as patents or non-patent literature can prove very useful in various situations:

It makes it possible to regularly monitor information relating to a product, a process, a scientific field or even to competitors.

It is thus easy to identify new directions, innovations, emerging trends in a field, new competitors or even future partners.

The strategy and the databases used can be updated over time.

A watch allows us to identify potentially troublesome patents in order to follow their evolution with a view to possible oppositions to defend our field..

Patent Landscape

A Landscape Search helps you to make strategic decisions by providing a defined range of prior art relevant to your technical area of interest.

To support policy, business, marketing or R&D decisions. Patent landscaping provides a comprehensive snapshot of patenting activity in an application or technology area, in jurisdictions of interest


A patentability search is established before filing a patent.

It can be carried out even if the invention is not completely defined, it can then be refined or reoriented in function of the results.

The analysis of the prior art makes it possible to define the novelty of an invention and to know whether this patent has its place and facilitates the drafting of the future patent.

This analysis of the closest prior art may also highlight the inventive step of a patent, but it is a more complicated notion.

This research is carried out for a patent attorney, its analysis is necessary.

The scientific and technical documents sought are patents and non-patent literature.

There is no territorial or temporal limitation.

About fifteen documents are proposed after a detailed analysis. And don’t forget, before filing for a patent, be discreet


A search for an opposition.


Technical Watch